Wednesday, March 9, 2005

2005 - A very special year for Unidos en Cristo

With confidence and trust in God we say that the year 2005 will be a very special year for "Iglesia Luterana Unidos en Cristo." We are certain that many blessings are prepared by the Lord for each person, family and for the whole congregation. With much joy, we announce the growth of the church, showing that especially during the last months the growth exceeded our expectations. From a group of 35 people from August through December we are now working with 75+ people during these last two months. From an average participation of 25 people per week (Bible Study and Worship) we averaged over 50 people in February. These numbers make us very happy. And we are overjoyed with the opportunity that every person has to strengthen his/her faith and to know more about the Lord Jesus. With this motivation, we continue on, working hard and inviting people. We want to see this group (Part of God's Kingdom) grow more and more.

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